Know Your Laptop AC Adapter

A laptop AC adapter makes it possible to charge your laptop in order to give it maximum mobility. A fully charged laptop can work for a long time without being connected to any external power source. In the event of a non-functioning adapter you are sure to be faced with great problem.

How Does A Laptop Adapter Support A Laptop?

Your laptop runs on direct current or DC power, but the adapter you get with your laptop is known as an AC adapter. This is because it converts the alternating current or AC supplied by the wall unit into DC which helps your laptop function.

Detecting a Faulty Laptop AC Adapter

The AC adapter connected to your laptop helps charge the laptop battery giving it the advantage of mobility. But, at times, you may notice that the laptop is not functioning with the adapter connected. This may or may not be the fault of your adapter. Perform a few tests to detect the fault.

* When an adapter is connected, you will notice an LED glowing on it. Simultaneously, there should be a charging light glowing on the laptop. If either of the lights is not glowing, there is a problem.

* Try changing to a different wall unit. If your adapter functions when connected to a different unit, you must get your wall unit connections checked.

* A faulty battery can be a possibility if the battery does not charge with the adapter connected. Try removing the battery from the laptop and using the machine using the adapter as a power source. If the laptop works fine, you need to get your battery checked.

* A problem with the laptop cannot be ruled out. Connect your adapter to another laptop of a similar make. If the laptop functions well, you need to get your laptop examined.

* Try charging your laptop with another adapter. If everything functions as per desired, you need to change your adapter. You will need a similar make of the adapter or a universal one that can work with any model.

Caring For an Adapter

Once you have identified a faulty adapter, you need to either get it repaired or purchase a new one. When you own an AC adapter, be it a laptop or notebook AC adapter, there are a couple of points that you need to bear in mind to take good care of your adapter.

* Make sure the chords do not bend much at any point. Too much of bending and twisting can cause damage to the wires and that might lead to a short circuit.

* The box that lies in between the wire is the transformer. Avoid overheating of the transformer by keeping it uncovered. A covered transformer might get overheated damaging all the inner parts.

* Like any other electronic product, adapters too are prone to damage if they come in contact with water. Keep your adapter as far away from water as possible.

A laptop AC adapter fulfills the purpose of owning a laptop. Without an adapter to recharge your computer battery, you can never imagine carrying it to all the places that you do. Therefore, it is important to take good care of it and keep it functioning in good condition.


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